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I use Design to solve Strategic Challenges, aligning User Needs with Business Goals.

NFR Widget

Crafting the Gateway: 
Nash’s MVP Fiat Ramp Widget

Discover a journey of redefining crypto convenience with the Fiat Ramp Widget. Driven by user insights, we emphasised transparency and showcased Nash's unique IBAN feature.

Laundryheap Station App
Designing for Growth: 
The Laundryheap's Station App Revamp
A transformative journey at d.Labs saw us take Laundryheap's MVP Station App from subtle tweaks to a complete overhaul. Through hands-on research and innovative design, we transformed challenges into solutions, revolutionizing the operational experience.
Nash App

Blending Worlds: Nash's Crypto-Banking Leap

Dive into the crypto-banking journey of the Nash App, tailored for Europe. Amid challenges, we leveraged insights from the Nash community, enhanced transparency, introduced essential notifications, and debuted features such as virtual cards.

GoCrypto Merchant Dashboard
Business financial independence on the blockchain
I worked with the Product Marketing and Support teams to uncover the primary pain points for merchants through customer interviews. We designed a FinTech solution that provides merchants with a comprehensive overview of their business: Company information management, Payment analytics, accounting, and Crypto asset management.
GoCrypto Branding

Creating a trustworthy and reliable brand

I led the brand development for GoCrypto by conducting research, facilitating workshops and interviews, providing art direction, and managing an external agency partner for the visual execution.

TEN31 Mobile Banking
Connecting the DeFi and Conventional banking
I designed a user experience for the German-regulated bank, Ten31, that helped pave the way for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies alongside regular currencies.
Gorenjc Mobile Application

Getting everyday costs under control

I worked with a small development team on product discovery to validate the potential of OCR technology for reading receipts. I researched, developed, and shaped the complete user experience using the JTBD framework and lean methods.

Elly Wallet Mobile Application
All-in-one mobile payment crypto wallet that pays back
I worked with the Product team and redesigned the complete Elly Wallet user experience from the ground up. I helped create a supported design system for multiple platforms (iOS and Android).
"Initially, we hesitated to bring Ana on board due to our tight budget, but choosing to work with her turned out to be an excellent business decision. Ana excels at transforming complex user experiences into intuitive journeys. She's a clear communicator and a champion of structured collaboration that uplifts the entire team. Plus, her eye for design is truly exceptional. If you're looking for a UX designer adept in creating user-friendly interfaces for complex mobile apps, I highly recommend Ana."
Thomas Saunders
CTO, Co-Founder at Nash

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